50% of online appointment medical and dental appointments  are made outside office hours 

Streamline your appointments into your medical or dental practice and manage them effectively by SMS messaging, sending patient forms and appointment reminders. Track all calls through call tracking and be able to text from the same tracking number via the dashboard

  • SEND SMS forms straight to a patient's cellphone
  • Receive the forms back in 5 mins with signed digital consent
  • Track calls coming to your dental/medical practice.
  • Be able to track missed calls and send a scheduling link through SMS.

HIPAA compliant DIGITAL patient forms 

We offer easily fillable HIPAA compliant online patient forms accessible from the any web browser including android and i-phone or tablet.

  • Securely fill out medical and dental forms online.
  • Fill in anytime, anyhwhere from any device.
  • Reduce manual entry/No need for pens or paper.
  • Send patient forms via SMS.
  • Recieve notification when forms are received.
  • 100% HIPAA secure.

Offer the ability to pay patient bills online.

Practice 360 by  offers the ability for patient payment online allowing us to process those payments through Stripe or any other third party integration including your merchant account. By simply integrating the code your dental or medical office can accept payments online, at the time of the visit, by telephone or by accessing a payment page on your website. No need to hand over the credit card at the front desk. Just send the patient a payment link via SMS.  Save your staff and patients valuable time, reduce human interaction by hand during COVID 19 and send SMS requests for payments to patients.

Doctors Today, Inc offers  secure payment processing using an SSL (secure socket layer ) and third party integration. Make your office more efficient. Make your office touch free. Our payment processing integration system allows:

  • Fully automated recurring payments for patients on payment plans.  
  • Integration of a website payment portal 24/7 online payments. Integration of a website payment portal 24/7 online payments
  • Backend end of month reporting.
  • Send requests for deposits for procedures by an SMS link..
  • Reduce bills and postage costs. Save time.
  • Enable the ability for staff to reduce hand to hand contact with patients 

How it works 

We order your medical or dental practice a designated programmable 212, 718, 415 number or whatever area code your practice is in. 

Appointment Scheduling and Patient/Practice Communication Beyond Your Expectation

Be able to rearrange appointment immediately using text and send patient forms for new patients, guardian, procedure consent or COVID 19 disclaimers.

SMS patient texting (HIPPA Complaint)

Our SMS texting app is HIPAA compliant and uses encryptable technology from TWILIO.

Call Tracking

Because we make your newly appointed number your call tracking number - YOU WILL NEVER MISS A CALL - be able to text patients whose calls you missed or who don't answer your calls.

Online quick-loading digital patient form with signature verification

Our online patient forms are very quick to fill in and very quickly move from one page to another with no downtime.

Patient Review and Feedback Request

Once your patient leaves the practice we will send them a 'Feedback Request' via SMS. You will be notified once it arrives.

SMS broadcast and billpay facility

Be able to broadcast promotions once a month to your patients or the ability to send bills and invoices via SMS.. 

Dynamic Appointment Scheduling

Our scheduler works across multiple browsers on PC, tablet and cellphone. 

Easy INTEGRATION using TWILIO and SENDGRID technology


Step 1 Patient makes appointment.

Our simple scheduler works very quickly and can be filled in under 20 seconds.

Step 2 Patient receives a SMS message.

This notifies them day and time is available.

They click 'confirm' that they would like this appointment time. 

Step 3 Appointment is confirmed via SMS.

It is then logged  in system under appointments.

They send back confirmation by SMS  saying appointment is confirmed at practice.

Step 4 Patient receives online patient forms

The patient can fill in medical and dental history quickly and send consent forms easily. 


Practice 360 allowed us to streamline our practice, with scheduling and forms making the whole process simple for us and patients.

Steinway Family Dental Center - Astoria, Queens


Our clinic has some quite complicated procedures requiring significant consent forms and patient history. This streamlined everything for us. 

Surgery and Vein Center - Florida


Our practice generates a lot of appointments each day, with a lot after hours. Practice 360 helped the patient communication 100%

Koorosh Shamtoub, DDS- Canarsie Family Dentistry.

Start a free trial of Practice 360 and watch your no-shows reduce 

5-minute setup, we appoint a designated number to your office and we install our scheduler on your website or we provide a link.

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