About Doctors Today, Inc.

Doctors Today, Inc. is a startup company that has been developing software products for the medical industry for years. Our scheduling software integrates with our desktop smsTEXTING software for use in dental and medical practices, aimed at HIPPA compliant patient communication.

At Doctors Today, Inc we have developed scheduling software for use as a stand-alone patient portal that can also add the physician or dentist profile onto your website or any business listing.

We will shortly be launching a suite of SaaS (Software as a Service) products aimed at streamlining practice and patient efficiency.

Peter Hamilton
Doctors Today, Inc.

Our founders

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We offer an appointment scheduler that can be added to your website and can be customized for each clinician in your practice. We offer various types of booking schedules and the ability to reschedule with the click of a button or communicate with the patient online.